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Media Training

Powerful training that helps guides you from your starting point to a powerful end result. Our group media training helps empower you to become a successful spokesperson right away. Our effective sessions help you manage the most challenging media encounters with style and confidence. Giving you back the control and allowing your story to be heard with clarity and ease. 

  • Social Media Tips

  • Public Speaking

  • Introduction to content creation

Video Content

by 2020, 80% of content will be video. OCP Consultancy produces and creates digital narratives that help influence and strengthen relationships with clients through video storytelling. Our in-depth consultations give you a strategy that works and guide you as you start building your video library.

  • Video Bios

  • Branded Content

  • Product Pitch

  • Digital Series


Media Appearences

Coach your leadership team and subject matter experts for media appearances on TV or radio, and for interviews with print media.  In our formal training programs, we train one to six spokespersons in half- or full-day videotaped sessions.  Included in this process are:

  • Message review and modifications

  • Interview best practices

  • Realistic and relevant mock interviews

  • Interview playback with candid and supportive feedback


OCP Media training seminars are available online and can also be scheduled for conferences and expos. 

Our highly customized presentation training approach is designed to help our clients:

  • Prepare effectively for any kind of presentation

  • Understand what makes a master storyteller

  • Refine content for maximum impact

  • Overcome nervousness

  • Read and connect with the audience

  • Project ideal tone and body language

  • Work effectively with PowerPoint and other visual aides

  • Deftly handle even the toughest audience questions


“Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have in this loud world of content. You have to figure out how to break through the noise to connect with your audience.
Be Bold.
Be Brave
Be Authentic"

Founder of OCP, Lucy Norris


Lucy Norris

Creative Director and Media Coach.
London / NYC

As a Digital Media Professional with close to a decade of on-air network news and entertainment experience, Lucy Norris has built a career for herself as an On-Camera Personality, Content Creator and Creative Director. 

Awarded "Media Mentor Of The Year," by 2020 Startups, she has coached Entrepreneurs, Executives, Influencers and Celebrities. She continues to appear on a variety of Fashion and Lifestyle segments, turning her love of fashion, sustainability and conscious living into an expansive repertoire of multimedia productions.

10 years in the fashion and beauty sector include episodes as a New York-based TV Host, On-Air Commentator for FNL, Karma Network, QVC, HSN and is the Creator of the digital series "At A Glance" and most recently "Do Well Do Good," streaming on Knekt TV. 

As a Content Creator and Brand consultant, she founded OCP Media Training, to help other entrepreneurs bring about the best version of themselves when in front of the camera and has since gone on to coach Executives, Politicians, Influencers and Artists. 


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