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Why 80% Of Entrepreneurs Shy Away From Video

"What comes next?"

That’s the question many of us are asking as 2020 continue to unwinds. We are all very "uncertain" but one thing is for certain and that is, as you consider your business plans for the coming year, it would be wise to consider making video a part of it.

Video content marketing is actually very well-suited for the current moment. But most brands are continuing to shy away from it.

80% of entrepreneurs understand that video content is crucial to their marketing strategy, especially video that spotlights the face behind the brand. However, they continue to find an excuse as to why they don't need to use it. Why? The truth is, there are few individuals who actually feel comfortable and authentic in front of the camera. Especially if they are not in the world of media. The whole process is foreign to them.

For us to feel motivated to create and produce authentic content that represents ourselves and our brand in a credible way, we must first understand why the consumers crave video.

From traditional television commercials in the 1960s to today's YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it's no secret that video has become a staple of our everyday lives. While convenient and efficient for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences.

In fact it was discovered recently that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

Human attention spans are less than a goldfish and getting shorter. Video marketing

helps to deliver messages more effectively in a shorter amount of time.

75 million people in the US watch online videos everyday. Your video could be one of them.

So what’s stopping you?

Let me guess. It may be one of the popular excuses I hear everyday.

I don’t like the way I look on camera. I seem fake. I don’t want to be judged? It may not work for my brand? What if no one likes it? It’s too expensive to produce video.

As much as these reasons hold some form of value, none of these can be used to prevent you from becoming part of the content world. Because in actual fact, none of them are true. It’s all part of your imagination. So, with that being said, you have to move past the limitations and see that there are many ways in which you can be part of the content hub by discovering how to uncover your on camera presence.

There are many different ways in which you can use content to help drive awareness, promotion and sales around your brand and company. I began my journey in the content world by creating a web series to help brand what it was I did as a Lifestyle Expert. I didn’t have an agent or manager and was focused on creating content that would highlight my capabilities as a Lifestyle expert. So I produced a show.

But depending on your goals, there are a number of ways in which you can reach them and reach your audience through video.

Demo Videos

Let’s start with demo Videos. Demo videos showcase how your product works — whether that’s taking viewers on a tour of your new product and showing how it can be used or unboxing and putting a physical product to the test. People love that stuff. Especially when there is a challenge involve. Think Red wine spilling on a shirt. Some fancy new gadget that removes stains instantly.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are typically created as a part of a larger advertising campaign, showcasing the company’s high-level vision, mission, or products and services. It’s basically the companies narrative told throughout a video.

Event Videos

Event videos are great when your business is hosting a conference, round table discussion, fundraiser or charity.

Expert Interviews

This is when you capture interviews with internal experts or thought leaders in your industry. It’s a great way to build trust and authority with your target audience.

Educational / How-To Videos

Instructional videos can be used to teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business and solutions.

Explainer Videos

This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your product or service. Sometimes even though it seems logical to you, they need a little more explaining.

Live Videos

Live video gives your viewers a special, behind-the-scenes, exclusive look at your company. This form of content is key for creating a community.

So as you can tell there’s a lot of different ways in which you can produce content for your brand. Decide on the type of videos that would be good for you and your company and then begin either working with a team to execute your vision or carve out the story yourself. No matter which type of content you choose, you will and should be in front of the camera talking about your passion and brand. For that very reason, you need to be able to be yourself in front of the camera.

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