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How To Uncover Your On Camera Presence.

Looking to make a switch in your career? Concerned about how you will stand out amongst thousands of other applicants? Agonizing over your cover letter as you desperately try to make it original? You see, words can express a lot, but most of the time, a letter is not enough to express your authentic self.

You need video. Especially now, more than ever to help you stand apart from the crowd.

Okay, so we are officially going through a recession, but this is the time to be brave. To be bold and take a risk. In 2008 I decided to move to New York and start a brand new life in not only a new city, but also a new country. It was probably the worst time to be looking to relocate, but it worked out wonderfully because I was committed to my decision.

So maybe you started daydreaming about that business idea again during lockdown? But in the past every time you pitched the idea nobody understood it. Maybe you went as far as creating a pitch deck which had the figures and facts. But it still didn't get the attention it deserved. Investors were not interested. Why?

Because it didn't have your passion and personality..

You need video to convey this.

Starting to notice how video is the number one way in which people communicate brand messages and business ideas?

I’m Lucy Norris. I’m a content creator, creative director, and an on camera personality. I get paid to be both in front and behind the camera which I believe to be a huge honor.

I’m able to look at video content from a variety of different perspectives. I know what works when you are the talent, I know what sells when you are the client and I know what resonates with the audience when they are watching the video. For this very reason I wanted to create a series of posts to help you all understand how video can help you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, founder or other professional hustler, this blog series can help you! It will show you how video can help you achieve better business, both independently and as a company.

The Facts & Trends… Video Is a MUST HAVE

Still skeptical of whether or not you need to be good in front of the camera? Here are the facts. Video is no longer a nice to have it’s a must.

64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. Compared to 10% when reading it in text.

But yet still, 80% of entrepreneurs shy away from using content.

In this series, I will share with you how you can get ahead of the content game with video.

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