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If You Have To Partner With Another Brand- Don't Be Boring

Clear communication is the key to success for any brand. The line of communication not only needs to be clear, but it also needs to be relevant, authentic, and resonate with the ever-changing views and needs of the consumer.

Connecting with your audience is what helps to humanise a brand. The accessibility of technology and tools to help us create on-demand conversations, digital appearances, and direct access to the thought leaders and innovators behind companies. People are finally getting to hear the story of the brand from the founders themselves. This is all wonderful, but the next layer of comms is all about inviting other brands to come and play on the same field as you. And then chat about the game during half time.

The next layer of comms is all about inviting other brands to come and play on the same field as you. And then chat about all of the layers and dimensions to the game.

This is Branded Comms.

It's different from partnerships or collaborations because this approach to content is about conversations. It's an opportunity for brands to come together to discuss trends, opportunities, challenges, and dive into topics. But instead of a pre-planned Q and A, this is an interactive discussion whereby consumers can tune into the live chat through social media channels, they can opt in to be part of the conversation and help to drive the communication between brand and consumer.

So how can you create BrandComms for your company?

Decide on who you want to digitally co-exist with? Are you going to opt for a no-brainer? How about a Dove and UNICEF sort of on-camera conversation? Representatives from each communications department.... Or do you want to create an opportunity where two brands wouldn't typically play on the same field together but there is a need to uncover, discuss, understand topics from both sides.

Brands can bridge the gap and be community builders.

Get Ready For On Camera Comms.

If you are the brand driving the conversation, if you are placing it on your site and driving the awareness around the content then you are playing host. This means that you need to prepare the questions, set the scene, help viewers understand the purpose of the content and how they can be involved. Then you let your fellow brands come to the table and eat what is being served, whilst also bringing their dishes and seasoning. Sorry for the cheesy metaphors, but sometimes it's a lot easier to talk in the universal language of food.

Why Does this work?

Because it's cost-effective (you don't need a marketing budget to produce an IG of Facebook Live streaming session) yet it drives results and it gives your viewers what they want; Honest, authentic conversations that can help share the values, ethos, and vision of your brand whilst you help to highlight others.

The characteristics of your brand will speak a lot louder than any marketing campaign. Create opportunities so that you cannot only reach your audience but also connect with them. Branded Comms helps you to listen to both sides of any story and potentially carve out a better future for your company and industry

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