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If You Have To Sell Virtually.

As virtual selling becomes the new normal, customers will also become more comfortable making online connections. Which means that "business can continue as usual" however the way we do it needs to change.

Missing those face to face opportunities and worrying your relationships will start suffer without your physical presence? Fear not, this is when On Camera Presence really comes into play. If virtual selling wasn’t part of your team’s sales process prior to COVID-19, putting the right technology in place will make it easier for you and your team to transition to virtual and remote selling. Being secure with your tools and tech will help set your mind at ease so you can focus on the customer and virtual experience that you are providing for them.

Tools such as Google Hangouts or other video conferencing options are a good place to start.

During this time, technology will be used in a whole new way. And with people adjusting to new working and living arrangements, customers will be demanding to be engaged in more efficient ways.

So be prepared to go off script. New questions will be asked, up to date news will be shared and they will expect you to be relevant and consistent with what it is you are sharing about the brand.  

When selling virtually you need to be quick to respond, relevant and as informed as the buyer.

What's your value?

With every salesperson now turned virtual seller, sales reps need to be strategic in the way they connect with customers online. Here are some strategies for sales reps to take on board and lead with:

Understand that your customers will have differing preferences for how they want to be communicated to and sold to at varying points of the sales and buying process. Communicate with them using the virtual tools that they want, and in a way that cuts through to them. Discover what and how they want to use comms by asking questions through social media platforms and become interactive with them. This is your community. Get to know them so you can provide the best value.

Prepared with your sales pitch? The secret to being present on camera is throwing all of the "prep" away. Get out of your head and put your focus on your client.

Once the camera goes on and you are speaking to the client, you have to let go of "selling" and dive into being "present" Authenticity is one of the hardest things to nail down on video, but once you understand how to be the "real you" and drive a conversation to a place that the customer wants to know more about, then the virtual connection will start to fuel the rest of the pitch.

Feeling ready? Some simple tips to make sure you look your best in front of camedra so you can be your best:

  • Set up your shot with a clear, aesthetically pleasing background.

  • Remove any distractions in front of you.

  • Make sure you are eye level to your camera

  • Test your camera and sound

  • Make use of natural lighting- Sit opposite a window, never stand with your back against it.

  • Turn any notifications off your computer.

  • Breathe and remember a smile goes a long way.

If you and your sales team are embracing virtual selling and making the most out of the situation you will be placed for business success now and in the future. Let us know how you are selling virtually on instagram @ocpmedia

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